Tips And Steps For Playing Lightly Bandar 66, Bandar 66 Online Is a new game that was just launched in 2018 this month. Available on March the 8th, Bandar 66 Online game will be a very popular game in the online gambling group. Because this game is very light to play. Always people are also still asking questions in this game. Because this game is so new.


In Bandar66 Online Games, there are 7 players and 1 will be Bandar 66. In this game, you will use 2 sets of Domino QQ cards. Where you will give 1 card to each player. All you have to do is pay attention to the number of circles first on the bottom member of the dominoQQ card, where the value of 6 is the HIGHEST VALUE. If the round value on the bottom member of your card is the same as the other players, then the win will be counted together by looking at the circle on the top member of the DOMINO QQ card.


Just now WarungQQ has just launched a new type of game called Bandar66. The new game is so unique and interesting to try to play. But because the game is still new, few members understand how the trick is to play the new game. Therefore we make an article that discusses the steps to play bookie 66 that can help you understand the game.


At a bookie game table66 All players who can play are 8 people with 1 person who will act as the city. For the bookie in the game the system is the same as BandarQ, where each player with funds that meet the prerequisites of being a city will get a turn through the exchange.


There are 2 sets of cards used to play Bandar66


So don’t be surprised if you get the same card when you open the card. What is unique in the bookie66 game is that it is not the overall value of the card you see, even though that is the number of points that are on your card. Situs Judi Online The highest card is also Balak 6.


For the online Bandar 66 card count step, it’s quite easy. Note the picture above, this is the position of the card is very small to the largest. In the bookie66 game, each player will only receive 1 card to compete. Example: The card you have is 1/6, and the dealer holds 4/5 cards.


The one who is thought to win is you because you have more rounds than the dealer, which is the middle 6 of the dealer is only 5. And if you win with a 6/6 card, so the nominal that you win is 2x times that you make a bet.


The advantage of bookie66 compared to the others is sidebet or side betting. So unless you place a bet on the table, when you play bookie66 you can also do side bets with other players who are on the same table with you.


Side bets can only work if the person who is betting agrees to your call. So later the cards that you have will be pitted against the cards owned by your opponents who accept the sidebet challenge. Note that the sidebet cannot be handled by the dealer, only fellow players.


After placing the nominal at stake on the table to pit the cards with the dealer. Some players are given time to add up to make bets between fellow players.


To work on the sidebet in bookie 66 you simply click on the bench number of the player you want to bet on, then specify the nominal you wish to bet. So it’s done so click Sidebet. Notifications will be seen in the player you are betting on, if accepted. So when a card is opened unless pitted with the dealer, your card will be pitted with that player.


Things like this make participants of the city of bookies66 can win many times because not only want to bet with the bookie.


The following is an example of a card clash which took place in Bandar66


The winner is the dealer because the circle he has is bigger than the player, the 6 players are only 5 middle players


The player is thought to be the winner because of the circles he owns namely 6 and 4, the middle of the city of 6 and 3.



The winner is the player, because he holds the log card even though only log 4. The log is the highest card position that can only be defeated by the larger number of log.



The dealer and player have the same chain, but the winner is the dealer. The same is true in BandarQ, if the player card is the same as the dealer, the winner is the dealer.


If the above one might already understand, the dealer is thought to have won because he was holding the 6th card, which is the biggest card. So in that condition, whatever cards the player has in that round must lose.